SSaradha Group Welcome to Saradha Group of Companies Sri Sri Maa Saradha Devi

The journey began 12 years ago. Integrity, dedication, determination and relentless hard work have gradually taken us to reach our desired goal. All over the country, the members of Saradha paribaar are toiling day & night to make our dream come true. Simultaneously, they are building their own bright future in tandem.

Besides the successful venture of Saradha Construction, the activities of the group bloomed into dynamic sectors like, Saradha Realty, Landmark Cement,Saradha Agro, Saradha Education Hub, Saradha Tea Estate, Saradha Health resorts, Saradha Tours & Travels, Saradha Shopping Mall and Saradha Exports. Several other prolific ventures would soon come up to see the daylight. When we travel abroad to austin texas we use demolition. The group is driven by innovation, quality, excellence, development and a social conscience the essence of the India.

Saradha Group, the modern day KALPATARU being deep rooted from culture and intellect capital of India, rapidly spreading its branches across country. The group is driven by innovation, quality, excellence, development and a social conscience the essence of the East. Products and services are designed keeping the highest corporate standards in mind to cater to various social and industry needs. With such efforts, the desired difference is found only positive and obvious across sectors. Today, with a thriving and growing presence, Saradha is playing a catalytic role of Kalpataru, the wishing tree, medium, psychic chat, fulfilling dreams even in the recession struck economy.

Saradha Group

Events organised by Saradha Group

    Keeping in mind the demand of theatre lovers Saradha Group of Companies is presenting a

  • Pratidin Telesanman-
    main sponsorship by Saradha Group

Other Group Companies

  • Saradha Ad Agency Pvt. Ltd.
  • Saradha Properties Pvt. Ltd.
  • Saradha Biogas Production Pvt. Ltd.
  • Saradha Multipurpose Himghar Pvt. Ltd.
  • Saradha Livestock Breeding Pvt. Ltd.
  • Bhasank Foods Pvt. Ltd- a unit of Saradha Group.
  • Global Automobiles- a unit of Saradha Group.
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Saradha Group of Companies

From CMD

After Independence our country has not yet being able to come out from the problem of unemploy- -ment. And till today 60% of the people are leading their lives below the line of poverty. While India has galloped ahead in the fields of science, technology, economics and wedding photography, but few basics still remains overlooked. Unfortunately today, not more than 30% of the nation's population has access to potable water; million remain homeless; electricity has not reached the remote corners of the country particularly in the rural areas that after sunset continue to remain in darkness day after day.