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After Independence, our country has not yet been able to recover from the problem of unemployment. Even today, 60% of the people are leading their lives below the line of poverty. While India has galloped ahead in the fields of science, technology, economics and the allied sectors, a few of the basics still remain overlooked. Unfortunately, even today, not more than 30% of the nation's population has access to potable water, millions remain homeless and electricity has not reached the remote corners of the country, particularly in the rural areas that, after sunset, continue to remain in darkness day after day. This has become a menace to the country's economic growth. Only our bonding to save the community can help the country to recover from this situation.

Herein, Saradha Group of Companies has brought in a new renaissance, for better development of the country. We always give more importance for the development of the community, along with education and social upgradation. We give priority to moral values.

With our small endeavour, we have started our work with the common people, putting more stress on the development of the semi-urban and rural areas. We are trying to give full comfort to the common people by constructing cluster housing, educational hubs, hotels and resorts, as well as growing agro products, along with offering packages for tours and travels, for the enjoyment of the commoners. Moreover, we have an export division as well.

Sudipta Sen
Chairman & Managing Director
Saradha Group of Companies

Why Saradha Realty ?

  • Safety and security
  • Diversification of portfolio

Opportunities & Securities

  • No need of any kind of specific qualification
  • Recognition of efforts and achievement
  • Insurance Coverage (Accidental & Life, Medi-claim)
  • And many more...

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